Beauty is more than skin deep…It’s not enough to look great on the outside – that’s why we’ve developed the whole package, from our exclusive solid, self-healing foam to our unique Rinehart Internal Locking Insert System and Rinehart inserts – using the finest components. Our attention to detail really separates us from the pack.

Rinehart Targets

Solid Rinehart Self-Healing Foam

Target, heal thyself!

Rinehart’s exclusive solid, self-healing foam targets can take hit after hit after hit without tearing or other damage. Whether you’re shooting fieldpoints, broadheads or even expandables, Rinehart lets you take your best shot every time without loss of target integrity or risk of shoot-throughs.

Solid Rinehart self-healing foam quickly stops even the fastest incoming carbon, aluminum or wood arrows.

Pulling arrows should not be so strenuous – and with Rinehart, it has never been easier! No lubricant! No gimmicks! No pullers needed!

Within 10 seconds arrow holes “heal” themselves. Complete target integrity is restored when arrow is quickly and easily removed.

Arrow in Target

Patented Locking Inserts

Target Insert

Rinehart targets and inserts feature our exclusive solid, self-healing foam which absorbs countless shots from fieldpoints, broadheads, and expandables – without falling apart. When the time comes to remove the target insert our exclusive Internal Locking Insert Tubes make replacement easy! Some Rinehart inserts also include perfect score-lines to practice both your 45° and broadside shot placements.

Look for the 45° Symbol symbol.

Stands up to Clubs, Trucks and More

Semi Truck vs 18-in-1

Rinehart 3D targets not only withstand the near continuous abuse of club and competition shooting, they’ve even been thrown under semi trucks and run over repeatedly – on purpose – to see how they survive.

The result? A little dust and dirt, but no damage to the target. It’s no wonder that archery clubs across America and around the world are making the switch to nearly indestructible Rinehart 3D targets to get the most “arrow time” and value from their target investment.

Withstands Elements

9 Years Ultraviolet Exposure and Still 100% Shootable

Deer Target

Oh deer! After years of exposure to the harshest weather conditions, including blazing sun and freezing temperatures, Rinehart’s exclusive arrow-stopping, solid self-healing foam proves to be virtually weatherproof. With colored foam all the way through the target and rugged “Uni-Body” assembly, these 3D targets are ideal for year-round use in the backyard or in the field.

  • Rinehart’s solid self-healing foam construction is exceptionally resistant to the damaging effects of ultraviolet rays.
  • How long will your Rinehart last? Even Rinehart’s first targets, purchased more than 9 years ago, are still stopping arrows today!


For years we had been buying targets from another manufacturer other than Rinehart. Repair time on them was not only costly, but it was beginning to wear us out. We were obviously frustrated with the products and needed to come up with a solution. So, in the year 2001 we finally decided to purchase Rinehart targets.

In all honesty, I believe it was the smartest thing we’ve done. Our club probably would have gone under if not for Rinehart targets. Our attendance rate has grown tremendously, repair costs are down and our club is, at last, financially sound for the first time in years.

When we did a cost analysis to determine the return on our investment we discovered that our targets have more than paid for themselves. Over a three year period we had over 4,125 contestants and had purchased $3,744.87 worth of replacement centers. When we calculated our cost it came out to be only $0.9078 per shooter. Amazing!

There really are no other quality products like yours in the market. The Rinehart target is definitely the way to go!