Head To The North Country With Rinehart Targets’® New 1/3 Scale Caribou 3D Target

January 17th, 2020

Get Ready for Adventure with the Easily Transportable 1/3 Scale Caribou Woodland Series Target

 Janesville, WI — Rinehart Targets® once again expands its Woodland Series of affordable, lifelike 3D archery targets with the new 1/3 Scale Woodland Caribou Target. It is the perfect way to prepare for the hunt of a lifetime in the arctic regions for one of bowhunting’s toughest trophies.


“It takes a serious bowhunter to go after a caribou, which is why we added one to our 1/3 scale Woodland Series,” said James McGovern, President of Rinehart Targets.  “You have to stalk a whole herd of animals on open ground and make that one perfect shot because you probably will not get another chance. We also made this target for archers who may never get the chance to chase wild caribou, but they can dream about it right in their own backyard.”

The new 1/3 Scale Woodland Caribou Target incorporates realistic sculpted features, so it truly looks like a ‘bou. The target measures 41-inches to the top of the impressive antlers and is 46-inches long —1/3 the size of a live bull Caribou. The crafted 1/3 scale size simulates a 60-yard shot at 20 yards. This is so you can hone your longer-range shooting skills you’ll need if you get on a herd on the move.  It also makes transportation easy. Plus, the new 1/3 Woodland Series Caribou comes with a very affordable price tag (MSRP $224.99). This makes it even easier to fit a Caribou Target into your budget (rather than a full-size Signature Series target), giving you more funds for your hunt.

Like all Rinehart targets, the 1/3 Scale Caribou target looks impressive and can take shot after shot from both compound bows and crossbows. The target has solid FX Woodland Foam construction and incorporates Rinehart’s Signature Series foam replaceable core. Rinehart Woodland Series targets are not just immune to the toughest arrow shots, their unique foam construction ensures they are resistant to UV rays and the harshest weather Mother Nature can dish out, making them ideal for year-round practice in the backyard or in the field. Should the time ever come where countless hours of practice finally take its toll, Rinehart’s exclusive patented, locking insert system (sold separately) makes replacement fast and easy, and the target like new again.

Rinehart’s Woodland Series targets are some of the company’s best-selling and most popular targets. This is because they offer customers lower retail price points that allow even more archers to experience the realistic durability of a Rinehart target.

The Rinehart Woodland 1/3 Scale Woodland Series Caribou has an MSRP of just $224.99. Available early in 2020, giving you plenty of time to practice before the migrations get underway.