NEW for 2019 – Midwest Buck, Lynx, Snowshoe Hare, and Scorpion/Stag Beetle

January 15th, 2019


 Midwest Buck, Lynx, Snowshoe Hare and Scorpion/Beetle Join the Family


Janesville, WI — Rinehart Targets® is proud to release the newest family members of its Competition Series Targets with the launch of four new 3D archery targets for 2019. As archery enthusiasts know, Rinehart makes the most durable and lifelike targets on the market that feature a creative flare. All of these virtues were put into action with the development of the new Lynx, Snow Shoe Hare, Midwest Buck and Scorpion/Stag Beetle

Midwest-BuckDeer hunters the world over dream of setting their pins on a giant Midwest whitetail. Well, there is no reason to wait until your name is drawn for a tag to put an arrow in one. Rinehart’s new Midwest Buck 3D target will perfectly prepare you for the eventual hunt. Created to perfectly mimic the size of bruiser whitetails in big-deer country, the target stands 52 inches high and is 36 inches long, with a weight of 155 pounds. The Midwest Buck is constructed of the company’s solid signature, self-healing foam, ensuring many years of arrow-stopping power. It also incorporates a patented locking insert, which easily pops out in the event you might need to replace the sweet spot (replacement inserts sold separately). Scoring rings, real-life sculpted features and airbrushed fine details ensure that your practice time will have you ready to face a real mature whitetail when the time comes.

The Rinehart Lynx is a gorgeous new 3D option in the Competition Series line-up. The airbrushed detail of this little cat is second to none. It stands 28 inches high and is 37 inches long, with a simulated weight of 30 pounds. The designers at Rinehart opted to give competition shooters a little challenge by molding the target in a running position, head and front paws down, rear legs kicking up. The Lynx is constructed of Rinehart’s solid signature, self-healing foam and features target scoring rings.

Designed to complement the new Lynx, or serve as a tough stand-alone target, the new Snow Shoe Hare will no doubt be a favorite among competition shooters. Rinehart positioned this little jewel in the running position, head and front paws up, rear legs down, to appear as though it is trying to escape the pursuit of the Lynx. Beyond creating a fun visual story, the Snow Shoe Hare creates a new standard in small targets. It stands only 17 inches tall, is 20 inches long and has a simulated weight of 10 pounds. It is brutally tough, being built with solid signature, self-healing foam. And despite its diminutive size, this little rabbit still features scoring rings.Scorpion-Stag-Beetle-Both-Sides

Are you looking for a target to build your confidence in a really big way? Well, that requires a really tiny object. Rinehart has you covered with the new Scorpion/Stag Beetle. When you start hitting this guy with regularity, you will believe you can hit anything, any time. This insect stands only 29” inches tall and 23” inches wide. This is a two-sided target, features target scoring rings and has killer airbrushed detail.

The new family members of the Rinehart Competition Series also feature all the aspects of 3D targets you have learned to love from the company. Not only is the self-healing foam extremely durable, providing years of use, but the targets are exceptionally resistant to the damaging effects of UV rays. Feel comfortable leaving the targets positioned outside in your backyard or at the hunting club. They will be as effective many years after purchase as they were the day they were bought. Archers will appreciate the self-healing foam after the shot, as well, as pulling arrows from a Rinehart is done with ease … no arrow puller necessary.