Red Stag

The Rinehart Red Stag Target presents a majestic beast, standing eight-feet tall and five-feet long. The size of the target simulates a 500lb. Red Stag. The Rinehart Red Stag features the company’s famous, solid self-healing, and UV-resistant foam construction that will last for years of shooting. This target has a patented, locking target insert, also made from the same self-healing foam, that is replaceable should that become necessary.

Like all Rinehart 3-D targets, arrow removal is simple and easy thanks to its foam construction that stops even the fastest arrows. Each target can withstand years of weather and exposure to UV light that would destroy less robust targets in short order. The new Red Stag target adds to the long list of amazing and lifelike targets available. Whether you’re shooting 3-D competition or preparing for the hunt of a lifetime, the Rinehart Red Stag Target prepares archers for a realistic and majestic challenge.

Specs: Height 8’ x Length 5’

Inserts available in:

  • IBO
  • Universal


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