48″ Brick Wall System

Part #:

Brick Dimensions:
Height: 4″ | Depth: 15″ | Wide: 48″
19811 Brick 48″
19821 Safety Topper 48″
# of Bricks: 12

Rinehart has unleashed the most versatile custom back wall mount system in the industry! Sold by the piece, or as a unit, dealers can customize their order to fit their specific needs and purchase as many or as few bricks as needed. Need a wall built from the ground up? You’ll have one up in no time when you install the Rinehart Brick Wall system.

These bricks can take countless hits without any signs of tearing or damage. Simply flip the brick or change up the order of the stack to further extend the life of the wall. It’s that simple! Each brick measures: 4″ tall x 15″ deep, and 48″ width. Rinehart Safety Topper includes all hardware with purchase.

“Bricks are available… call for details”

(Base not included)