Snapping Wolf


The new Snapping Wolf target is built with not only the highest quality paint and attention to detail, but it is also molded from Rinehart’s Signature self-healing foam, which means it will perform as impressive as it looks.  As part of Rinehart’s Signature/Competition Series, the Snapping Wolf is incredibly durable and ideal for range, backyard, and 3D competition use.  In fact, its self-healing foam construction is sure to stop even the fastest arrows or crossbow bolts. This target is also weather resistant and UV protected for years of use and shooting fun.

With a height of 47-inches and a total length of 46-inches, the Snapping Wolf will turn heads on the range, especially when paired with its counterpart, the Kicking Deer.  This live-action wolf reaches 34-inches in height, with a length of 55-inches,  perfectly simulating a real wolf.  Sold separately, yet paired perfectly together to create a realistic wolf attacking deer scene, both incorporate scoring rings and Rinehart’s exclusive patented, locking insert system (sold separately), making core replacement fast and easy should replacement become necessary.