Midwest Buck

Like all Rinehart Targets, the Midwest Buck is crafted with incredible lifelike sculptured features that will have you doing a double-take to make sure it didn’t move. The target measures 58-inches tall and 45-inches long and is sculpted to simulate a 155-pound buck. As you would expect from Rinehart, the Midwest Buck incorporates Rinehart’s locking antler feature, with the option to easily swap out and use your own. The vitals area features Rinehart’s patented locking insert for easy replacement of the animal’s core should you ever be able to wear one out (replacement inserts sold separately).  Scoring rings, real-life sculpted features, and airbrushed fine details help ensure that your practice time will have you ready to face a real mature whitetail when the time comes.

Target will have its head cut off to accommodate UPS Shipping.  A reassembly kit will be included.

  • Renowned, solid ʻself-healingʼ foam
  • Multiple Scoring Rings Available
  • Replaceable Self-Healing Insert
  • Patented Locking Inserts
  • Weatherproof/UV Resistant


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