Whether you plan to chase the small game bird with a bow or are looking to hone your abilities for the fall season, the new Rinehart Grouse target will help you achieve the accuracy you’re seeking. While the new grouse target may be small, it’s undeniably mighty thanks to its arrow-stopping, high-density foam construction, a signature feature for Rinehart Targets allowing for years of shooting practice. In addition to being able to take on shot after shot from the fastest-shooting bows, the new Rinehart Grouse is UV resistant so it won’t fade, and immune to the nastiest weather Mother Nature can dish out.

Emulating a real-life grouse nestling on a rock in its natural setting, the new Rinehart Grouse target measures 16.5 inches tall and 20 inches long with a simulated weight of 1.5lbs.  Not only can the new Rinehart Grouse take on your best shots from both field points and broadheads, removing arrows is a breeze thanks again to the target’s signature, self-healing foam construction.  No replaceable insert is available.


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