Boar Targets

From the small Peccary/Javelina to our new colossal Hogzilla target you’re sure to find the perfect Boar archery target for your next hunt in our collection of 3D boar targets. These realistic targets will leave you anything but boar-ed!

  • Renowned, solid ʻself-healingʼ foam
  • Multiple Scoring Rings Available
  • Replaceable Self-Healing Insert
  • Patented Locking Inserts
  • Weatherproof/UV Resistant

3D Boar Targets

Woodland/Retail Series
Signature/Competition Series
Broadhead Friendly

Signature Boar

Signature/Competition Series
#26511 | Height 22" | Length 39"
Simulated Wt. 75 lb.
IBO Tournament Target


Signature/Competition Series
#255 | Height 20" | Length 33"
Simulated Wt. 40 lb.
Broadhead Friendly

Signature Javelina

Signature/Competition Series
#26611 | Height 20" | Length 30"
Simulated Wt. 65 lb.
Shipped by truck only


Signature/Competition Series
#257 | Height 39" | Length 40"
Simulated Wt. 600 lb.

Rising Boar

Signature/Competition Series
#259 | Height 24" | Length 33"
Simulated Wt. 200 lb.
IBO Tournament Target

Razorback Boar

Signature/Competition Series
#261 | Height 24" | Length 32"
Simulated Wt. 100 lb.

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Anatomical Vitals BowTree Broadhead Friendly Can be shot at 45° scoring rings Cut before shipping (Parcel) IBO Tournament Target Official Target of NASP IBO 3D Challenge Shipped by truck only