NEW for 2008 – Rinehart Targets Mosquito

March 12th, 2008

Attention all hunters — pack up those mosquito nets and bottles of bug spray. Rinehart Targets, the leading manufacturer of 3D archery targets, has added a new product to its unique line that will help eliminate these “biting bugs” once and for all. Introducing Rinehart’s new Mosquito target — a thousand times larger-than-life mosquito that allows archers to bite back at these pesky little insects.

The newest addition to Rinehart’s line of exotic 3D targets, this realistic mosquito stands 16” tall, and features amazingly accurate true-to-life coloration, texture, and shape. The lightweight creature is easy to transport,allowing archers to sharpen and hone in their skills with this innovative target in a variety of locations.

This Rinehart mosquito target is made from their distinctive solid Rinehart “self-healing” foam, and can survive thousands of shots from field points, broadheads, or even expandables — without ever losing its lifelike shape
or feel. And, since it’s weatherproof and resistant to sun, heat, and cold, archers can practice and take outthis annoying mosquito year-round.

Great for children and adults alike, whether in the backyard or practicing at the range — this unique target is sure to please anyone who has ever experienced the bite of one of the most irritating insects known to man. Now archery enthusiasts can sharpen their skills, while showing this pest what a real sting feels like!