NEW for 2009 – Rinehart Targets Polar Bear

May 6th, 2009

Rinehart Targets, a pioneer of innovation in target manufacturing, is proud to announce the addition of the new majestic Rinehart Polar Bear Target to its impressive line up of premium archery targets.

Designed with the bowhunter and archer in mind, the Rinehart Polar Bear target is constructed with Rinehart’s hallmark, virtually indestructible solid “self-healing” foam.  As strong as an arctic blast, the Rinehart Polar Bear target can stand up to the punishing sting of fieldpoint, broadheads, or expandables.

Rinehart’s remarkable solid, self-healing foam also prevents tearing and makes retrieving arrows from the new Rinehart Polar Bear exceptionally easy.  The target also features the company’s patented locking inserts, which are a cost-effective way to extend the life and enjoyment of the target by easily replacing its core outlined “vitals” area with a new core.

The realistic Rinehart Polar Bear will prove to be the enthusiast’s “bear” necessity – standing tall at an impressive 60″ with a simulated weight of 300 lbs, and measuring 23″ across the chest.  Like the unpredictable climate of the arctic, the Rinehart Polar Bear can also stand up to even the most inclement weather conditions.