NEW for 2012 – Rinehart Targets Introduces the Brick Wall System

January 30th, 2012

The Most Versatile Custom Back Wall Mount System For Indoor Range.

Archers across the globe look to the experts at Rinehart Targets to design the most durable and effective target solutions on the market. Which is why the company is proud to premier to its dealers the new Brick Wall – a compilation of individual target bricks’ crafted from Rinehart’s legendary solid self-healing foam, perfect for taking the heat of practice shots at any indoor range.

The new Rinehart Brick Wall is by far the most versatile custom back wall mount system in the industry. Sold by the piece, dealers can customize their order to fit their specific needs, purchasing as many or as little bricks necessary for their particular space. Need a wall built from the ground up? You’ll have one up in no time when you purchase seven individual bricks, each measuring 4 inches tall x 30 inches wide x 15 inches deep. Plus, if all seven are purchased at once, Rinehart will include one assembly kit and safety topper at no additional charge. The beauty behind this indestructible brick wall is the design and concept of constructing the wall with individual pieces. While these bricks can take countless hits from field points and crossbow bolts without any signs of tearing or damage, should a specific region of the wall get shot up, simply flip the identified brick or change up the order of the stack to further extend the life of the wall. The Rinehart Brick Wall is available in 30” or 48” wide systems.

*Base not included