NEW for 2016 – Rinehart Targets Doloma Series Doe Decoy

January 5th, 2016

The industry leader in lifelike and durable archery targets is now expanding the brand with the introduction of it’s first decoy in 2016. Rinehart jumps into a whole new element of attraction with the launch of their new Rinehart Doloma Series Doe Decoy. With it’s killer looks and hand-sculpted form, the new Doe Decoy is creating quite a buzz among deer hunters at this year’s ATA show.

The Doloma Series Doe Decoy was designed with stealth in mind with its ultra-quiet Rinehart foam for silent transport and an easy-carry folding configuration for quick and quiet trips in and out of the woods.

Movement Is the Key

Aside from her stunningly realistic looks, the Doe Decoy’s strongest attribute is her natural head turning—and neck turning—abilities. The ability to naturally turn her head in the slightest breeze to simulate life-like movement will draw in the wariest of bucks. With the anchor rod strategically positioned behind the front legs, breeze-activated movement allows the entire body of the decoy to pivot in addition to the motion of the head and neck. The patented Doe Decoy comes with a full-carry bag that’s crafted with a “quiet-tech” fabric that’s burr resistant and features a drawstring and a sling strap for comfortable and secure transport.

The key to a consistently successful decoy is realism and movement, and the Doloma Series Doe Decoy from Rinehart is turning heads in both these categories.