NEW for 2018 – Rinehart Targets Sasquatch

May 2nd, 2018

Take Your Archery Game to Mythical Levels with New 3-D Sasquatch Archery Target

Rinehart Targets has finally captured the most elusive creature to ever roam the forests of our imaginations – the legendary Sasquatch.

“The company direction has always been to manufacture the best, most realistic and durable targets available. With the launch of the new Rinehart Masterpiece Series, we wanted to raise the bar for ourselves even further. Being ‘Best in class’ just wasn’t good enough for the bigger than life Sasquatch Target,” said James McGovern, President of Rinehart Targets. “The new Sasquatch self-healing foam target lets competition shooters and bowhunters prepare for whatever roams the woods, your imagination, or the 3D range,” he added.

The highly anticipated, new-for-2018 Rinehart Sasquatch target stands a full seven-feet tall. It is made from Rinehart’s legendary, self-healing and UV-resistant foam construction that will last for years of shooting. This target has a patented, locking target insert, also made from the same self-healing foam, that is replaceable should that become necessary.

Unlike the “real” Sasquatch, there is no need to hide the Rinehart Sasquatch away. It can withstand years of weather and exposure to UV-light and weather conditions that would destroy less robust targets in short order. Like all Rinehart 3D targets, arrow removal is simple and easy thanks to the foam construction that stops even the fastest arrows. The Rinehart Sasquatch target is carefully sculpted for detail and meticulously hand painted with lifelike coloring, meaning this target will turn some heads of people not expecting to see it. Due to size, the easy-to-assemble target ships via freight truck. It’s time to make your 3D range a bit “squatchy.”