NEW for 2017 – Rinehart Targets Lion

May 2nd, 2018

Take on the King of the Jungle with the New 3D Lion Archery Target

Rinehart Targets, manufacturers of the most durable and life-like archery targets on the market, proudly adds the king of the jungle to its Signature Competition 3D Target lineup.

“What could be more challenging than staring down an African lion with a bow in hand,” said James McGovern, President of Rinehart Targets. “The new Lion target in our Signature Competition Series of self-healing foam targets, puts archers on the line against a life-sized replica of one of the most dangerous predators on the planet. Our life-size Big Game targets are among the most challenging and realistic 3D targets available, and we are proud to add the new Lion target to the line.”

It may be as close as most archers ever get to actually coming face-to-face with one of the biggest cats on earth. The new Rinehart Targets 3D Signature Competition Series Lion target represents a majestic full-mane male lion. Standing four feet, seven inches tall and five feet, seven-inches long, this target simulates a 450-pound African lion and is the largest of the 3D Predator
series. Body positioning allows for shooting at 45-degree scoring rings.

Each Rinehart 3D Target can withstand years of weather and exposure to UV-light that would destroy less robust targets. It is one of the many features that sets the brand apart from the competition. Arrow removal is simple and easy thanks to the self-healing foam construction from the patented and replaceable locking insert that stops even the fastest arrows. The new Lion target, like other 3D targets from Rinehart, is so life-like, it’ll have you double checking for movement before you shoot. Whether you’re shooting 3D competition, or want the challenge of taking aim at the king of the jungle, the Rinehart Lion Target represents a royally challenging target for any archer.