Easton Archery Centers Choose Rinehart Targets

April 9th, 2015

Rinehart Targets is pleased to announce that Easton Foundations has selected the Rinehart Wave Target for use in all four Easton Archery Centers across the nation, including the partnering NFAA Yankton Archery Center in Yankton, South Dakota.

The Rinehart Wave Target was designed to change the game when it comes to competition range targets. Built using Rinehart’s Signature Series high density foam, the Rinehart Wave can handle the highly repetitive shooting that a top tier archery range such as the Easton Centers generate.

“We are extremely proud to be represented so well throughout all of the nation’s Easton Archery Centers,” stated Rinehart Targets President, James McGovern. “We are humbled by the decision of Easton Foundations and are eager to see what the future holds for this newfound relationship.”

Operated by the Easton Foundations or through local partners, the Easton Archery Centers serve the needs of all archery shooters. Whether their goal is simply to explore a new hobby or if they are striving for Olympic Gold, Easton is available to all levels. The Archery Centers provide both family fun as well as high-level training for serious competitors which directly correlates with the goals and aspirations of the Rinehart name.

“Our decision to choose the Rinehart Wave target for our Easton Archery Centers was easy,” stated Vice President of Easton Foundations, Don Rabska. “Of all the target mats tested, the Rinehart Wave provided the extreme durability we have been looking for. That important feature plus the surface flatness needed to eliminate target distortion, an outside dimension able to handle virtually any target or combination of targets, a four section module design that allows for common shipping options and the clever engineering behind the design made it an easy choice. After many months of testing, the Rinehart Wave was simply the best choice.”

In total, Rinehart will be placed in all four Easton Archery Centers across the nation. Their locations consist of Newbery Florida, Salt Lake City Utah, Van Nuys CA and Yankton South Dakota.